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In researching material for a project, I came across this wonderful video by Jason Silva about optimism.

It offers real inspiration about the influence we each have on our own path through life.

We can’t control what happens. But we can control how we deal with what happens.
What are you going to choose to do today? Or tomorrow?

As Jason says: “We have the capacity to turn our lives into a work of art. Why shouldn’t we?”

Social media gives us access to many more people than we’d meet otherwise. It lets us be touched in more ways. It lets us be influenced by more people — as well as influence more people, ourselves.

Data matter. ROI matters. And analytics matter. Yes, all of that is true.

But this wonderful post by Jure Klepic shows why that’s just part of the story. “As marketers, we need to start focusing on measuring intent instead of just measuring online influence,” he says.

Kait Brand’s intense message of love and courage, which unfolds in this video, reached me through Jure’s blog. I don’t know either Kait or Jure personally, yet both have profoundly influenced me through social media. The more complicated technology gets, the clearer it is that community and simple, emotional connections matter more than ever.

How are you incorporating this reality into your social media outreach?

Words pull, sway, show, move, touch…watch and see