To many of us, insurance is pretty snooze inducing. Hey, want to listen to a speech about insurance? No, thanks!

But, wait. Just watch this director of insurance marketing for Commonwealth Financial Network, Brian Harrison. (I have no affiliation with the company. And I want to thank Brad Phillips, president of Phillips Media Relations, who posted this on his blog.

Brian doesn’t start to give a speech. He starts to tell a story. A story that takes several minutes to tell, but that leads his audience right where he wants them: ready to listen to details they wouldn’t have cared about so deeply if he had launched into PowerPoint slides with bullet points.

This is wonderful. And the best part is that it works with just about any topic. The next time you have to present information — especially if it isn’t that exciting — find a story that makes your topic come alive. Start with that. And practice telling it.

Then, watch as they sit up and listen.