When the always wonderful site Mashable reposted this infographic about the social media site Pinterest, it completely captured my attention. I’ve seen a dozen or so infographics on Pinterest. You might have, as well. It seems that everyone is talking about Pinterest, joining it, using it or marketing through it.

Yet, this work, by MGDadvertising, was unique. The data presented are substantial and impressive. At the same time, the way the elements are designed and portrayed, this piece is also extremely easy to follow and digest. Taken together, the aspects of this work are very powerful.

Busy senior executives want data, evidence and support before adopting new marketing or communications tools or shifting the focus of an existing strategy. They want to see substantial return for new investments in marketing channels. Budgets are always tight, and a new approach seems risky.

But if you’re in the position of having to make the case for change, keep in mind the proof can be (and maybe even should be) in pictures. Visuals can be amazing — and far more effective than a written report that makes, essentially, the same case.

This Pinterest graphic is a perfect case in point.