A funny, but cringe-worthy graphic spoofing the rise of a social media self-righteous jerk, sometimes (self-described) as a "social media guru."

One species now seeps across too much of the social media habitat. Like Kudzu the social media “guru” has been allowed to thrive nearly unchecked. And, also like Kudzu, it’s actually damaging the landscape.

I think a prominent subset of this species is the self-righteous jerk. (I love this witty graphic by David Armano, EVP of innovation and integration at Edelman Digital. It ran on Ragan’s PR Daily.)

The social media learning curve kind of resembles that of life. And, the older I get and the more I learn, the more I realize how much more there is yet to learn. In other words, the more I realize how much I don’t know.

Social media opens up almost limitless opportunities. It’s fascinating. And huge. But there’s so much happening, so quickly, there’s no way that any one person is the all-knowing guru.

A true guru is like Yoda: otherworldly, learned and eager to teach, quietly and patiently, by example. I’m thinking there are probably as many social media gurus as there are Yoda-like folks. They do exist. But very, very rare, they are. (Oh, and they never actually call themselves gurus.)

Learn, play, dabble, practice, do, connect, share, post, help and teach on, about and with social media. But be wary of those who claim to be a guru. And steer as far clear as you can of the self-righteous jerks, the noxious weeds of social media!

This graphic originally appeared on Armano’s blog Logic + Emotion. Check it out, his accompanying post is wonderfully descriptive, sarcastic and dead on!