This post, reblogged here with permission, is packed with great information for nonprofit organizations that want to get the what-for and how-to about Pinterest. The social networking site offers nonprofits great opportunities to connect with their communities, donors and others in ways that are visual, personal and rich with engaging content.
This blog post was written earlier this month by Heather Mansfield, whose company DIOSA Communications specializes in social media and mobile technology. She’s on Twitter @nonprofitorgs

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When Mashable first started buzzing about Pinterest in December 2011, I took a quick look at the site and thought to myself, “Shopping, crafters, and foodies. Not relevant to the vast majority of nonprofits and (whew!) not another site I need to pay attention to.” Now, just two weeks into January, I am completely addicted to pinning boards for social good on Pinterest. I haven’t been this hooked on a new social networking site since I first got on Twitter in June 2008, and based on recent data released by comScore and Hitwise, Pinterest traffic is soaring. Consequently, some of the nonprofits best known to be early adopters are pinning away too: National Wildlife Federation, Amnesty International,  SFMOMA,, and the AARP. That said, my Pinterest Profile for “Nonprofit Organizations” ( will only follow nonprofits. If your nonprofit starts pinning…

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