A week or so into the new year, many resolutions are already casualties. It doesn’t matter whether the targets are in the business or personal realm. Change, especially transformational change, is hard to achieve.

That’s why I think that, when undertaking a big goal, it helps first to feel a little scared, a little intimidated and a little unsure. Too much of these feelings, of course, overwhelms people and makes them shut down.

But if these feelings are absent when a major goal looms, arrogance or complacency can prevail. And in small doses, these feelings can actually motivate and strengthen resolve and ground goal seekers about the scale of the challenge and the diligence needed to succeed.

Consider these goals, for instance:

  1. Shooting for 100 percent more followers on Twitter
  2. Creating all new marketing materials
  3. Keeping viewers on your website twice as long
  4. Trying to raise $50,000
  5. Seeking to win coverage by national media
  6. Landing one speaking engagement a month, a marked increase
  7. Blogging once a week

These are hard and would take significant work to achieve. They would require many steps and resources, including time and preparation, as well as dogged persistence. Are these goals scary, intimidating and the possible source of self-doubt? Absolutely. (For me, they would be.) But those feelings could help ignite action and power.

The challenge is not to let the self-doubt, intimidation and fear swell into debilitating paralysis.

It’s a delicate balance. But one that I think helps even lofty goals become reality instead of just more failed resolutions.

I’m focusing on #1 and #6 and #7 as part of my New Year’s Resolutions. It’s too soon yet to tell how I’m doing. But I am definitely a little scared, intimidated and unsure! (If you liked this post, please help me with #1 and follow me on Twitter and ReTweet the link!)